Mazuren's markets of work and technical implementation

With global and individualized solutions Mazuren's products and services are applied in the following markets and sectors:

• Health Care and Medical Engineering Systems and Devices

• Engineering

• Physics

• Astrophysics

• Chemestry and Materials

• Energy and Environment

• Nanotechnology

• Records and Archives Processes Management for Hospitals (Sanitary Documentation)

• Records and Archives Process Management for Financial Sectors

• Records and Archives Process Management for Public Administrations

• Records and Archives Process Management for Court Justice

• Records and Archives Process Management for Universities

• Records and Archives Process Management for Libraries

• Records and Archives Process Management for Single Professionals and Students

• Other R+D+I+E not specified in this list


The experience

European and worldwide precursory team that designed and build the first real Medical and Hospital Information System in the World (from office to real Medical Applications and Systems)

Developers of the first European and worldwide standard of Unique and Single Clinical Record for National Public and Private Health Care System. The system´s information structure was adopted as standard by the European Union (Subdirectory XIII, UE).

Creators of the first Health-Care Wide Area Network in Europe; Project RIMA (Red informática Médica Avanzada) - AIM (Advanced Informatics in Medicine).

Our vision and mission

We have the Knowledge and work to establish the best Global Healthcare Information and Communication System in order to develop and expand our Common Worldwide Human Medical History and Memory.

Who We Are

Mazuren is a Know-How based Think-Tank company that for the last 35 years has been generating new methodologies and systems applied through software applications and devices to different industries and scientific fields like Medicine, Biology, Bio-engineering, Physics, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Engineering of Materials, Nanotechnology, etc.

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