ADS [Universal Healthcare System Administrator]

It is a Universal Healthcare and Medical System of Information with effective Medical Communication based on the conviction that the effectiveness of a Health Service comes determined by a suitable Information Service Structure and Communication.

The system itself has been developed by the same Mazuren´s professional that first created the international standard for Health Care Information Structure for the whole European Union (XIII Directory).

It comprises of an Annotation, Indexing, Codification Modules (Sorting and Filing Codes), Information Storage, Retrieval and Big Data Analisys System.

Organization and processing of documentation

and Clinical History

• Archives: Filing (Design and Management):

- Current Achives: passive document and active document

- Future Achives: passive document and active document

• Files: (Design and Management):

- Of Identity and Identification

- Codification of clinical and non-clinical data


• Reports and Studies (Statistics)

Designs creation

• Documents

• Containers and files

Universal and Single Clinical Medical Records and History: definition and administration of medical information and records:

• Full definition of Clinical Medical Records and History procesess from pre-birth

  (genetical conditionants)  to postmorten:

• Clinical course and memory: episodes

• Complementary studies

• Laboratoy

• Infirmary

• Samples

• Graphs

• Hospital discharge report

• Etc.

Inputs-Signals and Studies Administration

Big Data: Validation and Exploitation of Health and Disease Management Systems Databases

• Master patient record

• Resources inventory (furniture, real state, personal, consumables and financial)

• Assistance records (clinics, drug storage, laboratories, operating rooms and pharmacy)

• Care records (history, current, diets, implants, general storage, etc.)

• CMBD fILE (Minimum basic data set)

Clinical Medical Records and History: switch-over from analogue to digital and digital to analogue

• Documentation administration in paper-based to digital-electronic- based and digital-

  electronic-based to paper-based

• Documentation administration conversion from paper-based to digital-electronic-based

  and from digital-electronic-based to paper-based

• By Nodes: Agendas, Clinical Course, Complementary Course (Tele-documentation of attendances)

• By Resources: Contracts, Warehouse and Consumption.

• Studies by: Clinical Area, Medical and Health Care Episode

• Studies of Activity: Amount and Gradient as well as of Resources


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Resources Administration and Cost Control

Administration of the entire hospital resources and distributed warehouse with costs control, accounting and invoicing:

• Agendas Management Application

• Beds Management Application

• Doctor’s Offices and Boxes Management Application

• Operating Rooms Management Application

• Hospital Emergency Management

• Laboratories Management Application

• Patients Meal and Diet Management Application

• Food and Restaurant Management Application

• Pharmacy Dose Management Application

• Prosthesis and Implants Management Application

• Consumables Management Application

• Laundry Management

• Human Resources Management Application

• Tenders Management Application

• Libraries, Scientific and Clinical Documentation Management Application

• Contracts, Sales, Invoicing and Taxes Management Application

Digitalization of:

Document scanning

• Text

• Graphics

• Images



• Deflexion (Macroscopic, Microscopic)

• Transmission (acetates, silver nitrate)



• Ecographics

• Surgery,etc


• Transcription and digitalization


Codification of clinical and non-clinical data

• Codification of clinical and non-clinical data: some examples



• CIAP-2


• CIE-9-MC y 10


• DSM-5





Brief description: ADS modular processes

The use in tablets of our solutions provides a superior ability of information, control, mobility and communication

With this device a doctor can, alone and by itself control the medical records of all patients, with all data and diagnostics.

Currently in the device shown in this photograph a Physician controls its more than 14,000 patients with full capacity of management over their Medical History and Automatic Diagnostic of Diseases.

Also the Minister of Health (or Health Manager in charge) of any country regardless of size, can manage and control all Hospitals and resources used in its National Healthcare System.